The Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint program is for the consultant...

  • who realizes the importance of understanding an overview-the basics of consulting and how the pieces fit together
  • interested in a step-by-step approach that helps them assemble the various pieces. 
  • who wants to do it right whether they:
    • are new to consulting,
    • been working as a consultant for several years,
    • transitioning from a subcontractor to a consultant, or 
    • needs a refresher. 

What is the Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint program…

The Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint program dives down into The Consultancy Model© and consists of three distinct but integrated sections that build on one another— Core, Building Relationships, and Create and Present a Winning Proposal.  Each section includes videos, workbooks, templates, supporting material, and step-by-step actions. Leverage the templates and examples, use the supporting materials, and follow the recommended actions to create a process and framework that works for you, the consultant.  

The Core is your WHY, WHAT, WHO, and HOW.  Think of your CORE as a book’s first chapter or a movie’s opening scene.  The CORE sets the stage for just about everything a consultant does as they move forward.     

There are three keys to your Core.  Focus (WHY and WHAT) is the one thing for which you want to be known; Ideal Client (WHO) is the person you want to work with and who wants to work with you; and Point of View (HOW) is your client’s journey.  Crafting an attention grabbing brand message helps to pull together Your Focus, Ideal Client and Point of View.

Covered in this section:

  • Define your focus 
  • Identify your ideal client’s characteristics and behaviors 
  • Determine where to find your ideal client
  • Outline your point of view and initial service offer
  • Craft an expanded creative brand message 

As you define and identify your focus and ideal client, you connect with people that you know to validate your focus and ideal client. Validation helps ensure that people are not only interested in your why and what but also open to paying you to help them.  As you connect, you hone your brand message, start expanding your point of view, and develop credibility essentials that are crucial to building meaningful relationships. 

Building Relationships and GETTING CLIENTS is all about connecting with people, getting to know them, and building trust.  A consultant builds upon their CORE and forms relationships with clients, influencers, and partners with the help of various awareness techniques and actions.   

Begin forming relationships by understanding the five relationship stages and developing a relationship methodology that works for your ideal client (and you), including networking activities, a referral process, and a targeted outreach approach.   Building Relationships focuses heavily on building direct one-on-one relationships because it is the fastest way to get clients.  Limited time is devoted to awareness techniques and actions such as writing and speaking.   

 Covered in this section:

  • Display your credibility
  • Develop an overall five stage relationship methodology  
  • Determine strategic networking activities including social media  
  • Develop a referral process for you and referral partners
  • Determine a targeted outreach approach 
  • Develop a daily, weekly, or monthly action plan  

As you build awareness and form relationships, you position yourself for the most important question a client can ask, “I think you can help me.   Are you interested in talking?” 

Create and Present a Winning Proposal is about crafting an agreed upon proposal. With trust established and a client interested in assistance, a consultant is position to hold an exploratory or discovery meeting with a potential client to obtain an understanding of the opportunity.  Based on that understanding a consultant develops an approach, determines a price, and meets again to obtain consensus as to the work to be performed. With consensus obtained, the consultant writes and delivers an agreed upon proposal that can be quickly turned into a signed contract resulting in paid work. 

Covered in this section:

  • Prepare, conduct, and evaluate a discovery meeting 
  • Describe the key approach components 
  • Explanation of the five basic pricing strategies
  • Recognize the value of a consensus meeting
  • Identify the sections of a proposal
  • Understand business aspects of a contract*  

*I’m not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice.  

Why Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint…

The more I worked with independent workers, particularly consultants, I noted those that progressed the fastest were professionals that were interested in understanding the big picture. They wanted to ensure they were making the right decisions for them or at least the right decision for them at that time. I went searching for ways to help them, only to discover bits and pieces and tactical steps to follow, but the reasons behind the actions or how one decision impacted another simply was not there. And that was not acceptable to me. What resulted was the creation of the Consultancy Model and now Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint, an online series of courses designed to support the model.

More on What's Included...

  • Over a 100 Videos explaining key concepts and how decisions and their impacts are interconnected. Included are questions to consider and examples. to stimulate thought processes.

  • Over 20 worksheets and over 50 templates that can be leveraged as starting points as well as other references and supporting material that you might find helpful.

  • Weekly topic specific group discussions enabling you to ask questions, obtain advice, and receive feedback from me and members of the group so that you get better results, faster. Can't attend? The discussions are recorded for future review.

  • A weekly live Q&A call and a Private Community Group for posting questions and providing comments. This is a great way to ask other members of the team their opinions and advice so that you can continually advance. I'll be monitoring and commenting in the group daily.

  • Life-time access to the course material-including updates-provided enabling you to periodically refresh your knowledge and skills.

Course List...

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What People Have Said...

“Executing a pivot led to confidence and energy to engage - I am confident in my abilities for specialty chemicals and materials processing, but was anxious about moving from my previous corporate career to that of a consultant. Even though I have a strong peer network, I was unsure as to how to identify potential clients. Being a strong believer in making a powerful first impression, I wanted to clearly articulate the services and value I provide to a client. Working with Laura, I quickly learned the power of less being more and the importance of narrowing my consulting focus. This resulted in tailoring my message and aligning my focus with the commercialization challenges facing business development leaders. Additionally, Laura helped me move outside of my comfort zone and focus my energy on further developing my service offering and strategically reaching out to build relationships to find potential opportunities. ”

John Gohndrone, Ph.D, JMG Process Solutions, LLC

“Within 90 days less resulted in more money - I started my consulting business enthusiastic, but after a few months I was still spinning my wheels and struggling to define my focus resulting in limited client opportunities. The Consultancy Model and Laura’s ability to help me leverage my strengths, narrow my focus, and clarify my point of view enabled me to create and then deliver a concise, aligned message to the right people. The result-several new clients and fully booked on engagements. Beyond the obvious financial benefit, my confidence in how I present myself is at an all-time high. ”

Ryan Walter, Parrels Advisory

“I started taking Laura’s courses when I began my consulting and coaching business because I needed to gain clarity around several consulting topics. The courses are clear and concise but the work you do is heavy lifting. Laura challenges you to think beyond what you know and requires you to think outside your comfort zone. Her approach helped me gain clarity around my focus, ideal client, and brand. I highly recommend Laura's courses and the support and interaction you receive from Laura. Believe me when I say her objective is your success.”

Charlotte Anderson, Transformation Keys, LLC

“Combining of my passions leads to viable Consulting Career - As both a nonprofit executive and a professional comedic improviser, I was struggling to combine my passions into a viable consulting career. Now I am poised to launch my own business helping professional women unlock their power as public speakers. With Laura's support and guidance, I was able to hone in on my focus, ideal client, and messaging with confidence. Laura is a great listener with a personalized approach, and the system she has developed provided the structure I needed to actually make progress towards my goals. ”

Lura Barber, Phase Zero Consulting, LLC

“I’ve tried to establish my own consulting practice, but struggled. After taking Laura’s course and actively participating in the group discussions, I realize my services were too broad and my message needed to be further refined so that it was more than good-it was GREAT!”

Valentina Crosson, VCI Innovative Solutions, LLC