Consulting is a Relationship Business and relationships are complex. This course discusses:

The five stages of relationship building and how you should think about each one,

Development of a relationship strategy, 

Determining the best targeted outreach, referral, and networking, or what I refer to as active awareness, techniques and tactics for you,

Passive awareness approaches such as writing and speaking,

The creation of a daily and weekly plan so that you are...

Asked the all important question "Can You Help Me?"*

*This course assumes you have clarity as to your Focus and Ideal Client.* 


    1. Build Trusted Relationships Leading to Getting Clients: An Overview

    2. Build Trusted Relationships Objectives and Outcome

    3. List of Relationship Workbooks, Supporting Documents, and Templates

    4. Before You Begin (Optional)

    1. What is a Trusted Relationship?

    2. What is a Relationship Strategy?

    3. Five (5) Stages of a Relationship

    4. Stage 1-Connect In More Detail

    5. Stage 2-Get to Know In More Detail

    6. Stage 3-Nurture In More Detail

    7. Stage 4-Ask and Offer In More Detail

    8. Stage 5-Stay in Touch in More Detail

    1. What is Targeted Outreach?

    2. Create Your Targeted Outreach Strategy

    3. Targeted Outreach Examples

    1. What is a Referral?

    2. Referral Sources: Acquaintances, Clients, and Partners

    3. Create Your Own Referral Strategy

    1. What is Strategic Networking?

    2. Formal versus Informal Strategic Networking (Optional)

    3. How Do You Strategically Network?

    4. Connecting with Social Media

    5. Create Your Strategic Network Strategy

    1. What is Passive Awareness Expanded?

Create Your Own Relationship Strategy with a focus on Targeted Outreach, Referrals, and Strategic Networking