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Consultant's Blueprint -  The Consultant’s Blueprint is a flexible framework designed to help consultants, no matter how long or short they have been working as a consultant. The  blueprint focuses on the fundamental basics of consulting and provides a strategic big picture of consulting as well as addresses the tactical operational aspects of consulting. 


Consultant Assessment Successful consultants, whether they are new to consulting or have been consulting for years, continually evaluate their knowledge and skills. This assessment consists of 45 statements and it can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Use it as a starting point to develop a plan to help you build and grow your consulting business.  

Is Consulting for You?  - You’re contemplating becoming a consultant, but you are not sure if it is the best option for you.  This document is divided into several short sections consisting of questions, statements to rate yourself, and even a yes/no checklist. 

Determine Your Consulting Focus! - The first step after deciding you want to become a consultant is to determine Your Focus, or if you rather, Your Niche

10 Simple Marketing Ways to Show You are Real - Building a meaningful relationship with a client requires showing you are real and genuine-you are credible.  But how does a consultant display credibility?  How do you help your clients GET TO KNOW you? Here are ten (10) simple to implement credibility building suggestions with actionable steps. 

Find Your Ideal Client - You've defined your ideal client but do you know where to find your ideal client.  Here is an easy exercise to help you find them.  

Downloadable White Papers and Templates 

10 Steps to Help You Build a Successful Consulting Business (List) 

Consulting Proposal Template - Use this template as a starting point for creating your own standard template. 

Estimating Tools and Techniques - Chart with the best Estimating Tools and Techniques. 

Identifying Risks - Risks every consultant should consider.

Time, Your Scarcest Resources! - Time management is more than a prioritized “to do” list. Here are 9 time management techniques and tips.


Basic Consulting Videos

Frequently Asked Questions when Evaluating if Consulting is for You (8 Common Questions)

Difference between Consultant and Subcontractor? SURE IS! 

What the Best Consultants Do to Get Clients, Make Money, & Survive!

Top Five Consulting Skills of Great Consultants

A Framework for a Successful Consulting Business

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Selected 2022 Articles 

Focus, Ideal Client, and Service(s) or Your Why, What, Who and How


Your Business Core: What It Is and Why It Is Important


How to Determine Your Focus! (You Know-Your Niche) (recycled)


Guess What! You are Unique! But Do Others Know Why You’re Different?


Why is Your HOW a Key to Your Business Success! (recycled)


Should you Productize or Package Your Consulting Services?


Why Marie Kondo Has the Perfect Service Offering!



Awareness and Relationship Building (Marketing for Consultants)


Does Your Message Grab a Person’s Attention?


Do You Have Credibility?


Nine Ways to Generate Creative Ideas to Help You Grow Your Business


How to Build Trusted Relationships with the Help of Strategic Networking


Two Salespeople + Same Opportunity = Two Different Perceptions


What You Can Do to Help a Person Refer You


Five Referral Tactics to Attract New Clients (recycled)


Lost Touch With a Connection? How to Reach Out to an Old Network Connection!


How Consultants Can Use the Power-Interest Grid to Build Relationships and GET Clients


To Win at Building Client Relationships, Look to Baseball for Advice 

How in the World Do You Build Trust? (recycled)

Should You Use LinkedIn to Get Clients?


How Do You Politely Ask a Client If They Want Your Help?


Engage with Your Client (Sales for Consultants)


Here is a Creative Way to Gather Your Client’s Project Requirements


A Pricing Primer to Help Price Your Consulting Services (recycled)


Other Articles of Interest


Creating a Learning Culture isn’t just for the “Big Boys.”


Three Consultant Suggestions to Stand Out in a Post-Pandemic World


Is Your Magical Formula Less is More?


Silence is not only the Golden Rule. It is the Golden Punch.

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