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Workbooks and Pamphlets (some people might refer to these as short eBooks)

Is Consulting for You? - You’re contemplating becoming a consultant, but you are not sure if it is the best option for you.  This document is divided into several short sections consisting of questions, statements to rate yourself, and even a yes/no checklist. 

Determine Your Consulting Focus! - The first step after deciding you want to become a consultant is to determine Your Focus, or if you rather, Your Niche. 

10 Ways to Display You are Credible (Pamphlet) - Building a meaningful relationship with a client requires displaying credibility.  But how does a consultant display credibility?  How do you help your clients GET TO KNOW you? Here are ten (10) easy to implement credibility building suggestions with actionable steps. 

Find Your Ideal Client - You’ve defined your ideal client but do you know how to find your ideal client. Here are 10 possible channels to find your ideal client plus an easy exercise.   

Downloadable White Papers and Templates 

10 Steps to Help You Build a Successful Consulting Business (List) 

Consulting Proposal Template - Use this template as a starting point for creating your own standard template. 

Estimating Tools and Techniques - Chart with the best Estimating Tools and Techniques. 

Identifying Risks - Risks every consultant should consider.

Time, Your Scarcest Resources! - Time management is more than a prioritized “to do” list. Here are 9 time management techniques and tips.


Basic Consulting Videos

Frequently Asked Questions when Evaluating if Consulting is for You (8 Common Questions)

Difference between Consultant and Subcontractor? SURE IS! 

What the Best Consultants Do to Get Clients, Make Money, & Survive!

Top Five Consulting Skills of Great Consultants

A Framework for a Successful Consulting Business

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Is Trust the Glue in Your Relationships? - We are constantly reminded that people hire consultants, freelancers, and independent workers that they trust. But what is trust? Or a trusted relationship? (posted on Medium)

The Freelance PM Consultant: Knowing Your 'Why' and Your 'What' (posted on PMI)

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Book (Sorry, My Publisher Doesn't Permit Me To Provide the Book for Free)

Project Management for Flat Organizations - This book is ideal for the project manager, team member, manager, or project sponsor with limited or no formal project management experience. Purchase at