Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint©

A program designed for the independent consultant who is building and growing their own consulting business.

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The CORE - Your Why, What, Who and How

Focus - Ideal Client - Brand Message - Point of View to Service Offering

The CORE begins by clarifying your WHY and WHAT-your FOCUS. With an understanding of your WHY and WHAT, the discussion moves to defining your WHO-your IDEAL CLIENT. Next define your differentiatior, your HOW- your POINT OF VIEW that drives your SERVICE OFFERING. With clarity as to your WHY, WHAT, WHO, and HOW craft a grabbing MESSAGE that captures a person’s attention and engages them in a conversation beginning a long-term relationship. (Self-Study Program)

ENGAGE - The Culmination of All of Your Hard Work!

Discovery Meeting-Approach-Price-Consensus Meeting-Proposal-SIGNED CONTRACT

As you listen to a prospective client’s need, you shake your head up and down because you are sure you know exactly what they need. You craft a proposal and forward it to the economic buyer. Two days later you call to set-up a time to talk about your offer only to hear – REJECTED. Engaging with a prospective client is far more than crafting a proposal. It starts with discussing the opportunity and ensuring you capture all the right information. It moves to crafting an approach, pricing it properly, and then discussing it with the prospective client obtaining agreement before taking pen to paper writing a proposal. (Self-Study Program)

Is Consulting For You?

September 30, 2020

OMG - A Consulting Business Built From Scratch!

October 5, 2020

September 25th - 4th Friday Group Discussion - Can You Find Your Ideal Client?

October 23rd - 4th Friday Group Discussion - Do You Have IP? Sure You Do?

Hi! I’m Laura Burford.  I partner with business professionals assisting them with building and growing their consulting businesses with the help of a simple and easy to follow framework called The Consultancy Model©.  This flexible model was created because a life as a consultant is not always easy and having expertise and experience is only part of the success equation.  Another part of the success equation is understanding different aspects of consulting-the areas outlined in the model.

The Consultancy Model©

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The Consultant Assessment

One of the first steps to get ahead as a Consultant is ASSESS where you are enabling you to create a PLAN that works for you. The Consultant Assessment helps you assess you and develop a plan for moving forward. 

What Others Have Said...

“Within 90 days less resulted in more money - I started my consulting business enthusiastically, but after a few months I was still spinning my wheels and struggling to define my focus resulting in limited client opportunities. The Consultancy Model and Laura’s ability to help me leverage my strengths, narrow my focus, and clarify my point of view enabled me to create and then deliver a concise, aligned message to the right people. The result-several new clients and fully booked on engagements. Beyond the obvious financial benefit, my confidence in how I present myself is at an all-time high. ”

Ryan Walter, Parrels Advisory, LLC

“I started taking Laura’s courses when I began my consulting and coaching business because I needed to gain clarity around several consulting topics. The courses are clear and concise but the work you do is heavy lifting. Laura challenges you to think beyond what you know and requires you to think outside your comfort zone. Her approach helped me gain clarity around my focus, ideal client, and brand. I highly recommend Laura's courses and the support and interaction you receive from Laura. Believe me when I say her objective is your success.”

Charlotte Anderson, Transformation Keys, LLC

“Excellent courses! Laura takes a holistic approach to consulting but she doesn’t stop there. She realistically discusses each consulting topic following an integrated framework that is not overwhelming. Her ability to communicate with clarity and integrity inspires you. Her framework is actionable. Anyone can do it! After each course, I’m able to keep laying the bricks in the right direction (from Consulting: The First Step) leading me on the path to success, personally and professionally. ”

Eleanore Meals

“I highly recommend these courses for anyone considering becoming a consultant or existing consultants struggling with their practice. Having worked in large corporations and as an entrepreneur, I’m looking to leverage my experience by pursuing a consultancy business. I have found Laura’s approach invaluable in helping me understand different aspects of consulting starting with identifying my targeted client and service offering. Without the course material and instruction, I would have been struggling and making many mistakes or in-efficient shot-gun attempts. I now have the confidence to pursue consulting in a very clear and laser- focused way. ”

Tom Scurria, Founder, IAWL Advisory, LLC

“As both a nonprofit executive and a professional comedic improviser, I was struggling to combine my passions into a viable consulting career. Now I am poised to launch my own business helping professional women unlock their power as public speakers. With Laura's support and guidance, I was able to hone in on my focus, ideal client, and messaging with confidence. Laura is a great listener with a personalized approach, and the system she has developed provided the structure I needed to actually make progress towards my goals.”

Lura Barber, Phase Zero Consulting, LLC