Consulting: The First Step

Not sure if consulting is for you? Have you been a consultant but something is not quite right? This course covers basic concepts and includes a self-assessment. Use the self-assessment to create a roadmap and become a successful consultant.


Who Do You Serve?

What Would It Be Worth to You to Have Your Focus and Ideal Client MATCHED? 4-week Self-Study and On-line Discussion Workshop created for Consultants. Covers the 4-Step Process. Pilot - Limited Time Pricing! Price to Increase in 2018.


The Perfect Message

The goal of this course is to help you craft, practice, and deliver a perfect message. A message that grabs the attention of your ideal client - leads to a conversation - starts building a relationship. Pilot - Special Limited Time Pricing.


Early Access-Define Your Ideal Client

The goal of this course is to define and find your ideal client because your ideal client impacts your focus, brand messaging, service offering, awareness campaign and even how you engage and sell to them. Pilot - Special Limited Time Pricing.


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