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Building Trusted Relationships Leading to Engagements - Starts April 13rd  (Material available April 9th) 

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4th Friday Group Discussion Schedule

April 24th:  Are You a Consultant of Choice?

May 29th:  Can You Be Found?

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Hi! I’m Laura Burford

I partner with and assist business professionals get more out of their consulting practices with the help of a simple and easy to follow framework called The Consultancy Model©. This model was created because a life as a consultant is not always easy and having expertise and experience is only part of the success equation.  Another part of the success equation is understanding different aspects of consulting. 

The Consultancy Model©

The model consists of seven interrelated consulting concepts that address strategic and operational aspects of consulting. Its flexible format assists a consultant with the development of their ideas, strategic decision making, and the execution of their decisions. 

The model begins by defining a consultant’s Focus and Ideal Client enabling them to successfully engage with clients and deliver results that not only meet a client's expectations but exceed them. With clarity as to their Focus and Ideal Client, a consultant can traverse different paths as they shape a consultancy practice that fits their ideal client’s needs and wants as well as their personal and professional requirements. 

No two consultant’s practices are the same. Every consultant’s ideas, decisions, and actions are unique to them; however, all consultants want to be successful and engage in similar activities. 

Click for more on The Consultancy Model© - a model designed for people who believe consulting success is more than Expertise and Experience.

Laura's Consulting Guide is the home of Group Discussion and Self Study Courses that support The Consultancy Model©. However, as of 8/1/2019, only selected areas of the model are offered via online courses (list of courses by area). Overtime additional courses will become available. Until then one-on-one assistance in all seven areas of the model is only available as part of the Individual Mentoring Consultant's Jumpstart Blueprint©. 

The Consultant Checklist

One of the first steps to get ahead as a Consultant is ASSESS where you are enabling you to create a PLAN – that works for you. The Consultant Checklist helps you assess you and develop a plan for moving forward. 

What Others Have Said...

“I highly recommend these courses for anyone considering becoming a consultant or existing consultants struggling with their practice. Having worked in large corporations and as an entrepreneur, I’m looking to leverage my experience by pursuing a consultancy business. I have found Laura’s approach invaluable in helping me understand different aspects of consulting starting with identifying my targeted client and service offering. Without the course material and instruction, I would have been struggling and making many mistakes or in-efficient shot-gun attempts. I now have the confidence to pursue consulting in a very clear and laser- focused way. ”

Tom Scurria, Founder, IAWL Advisory, LLCTom Scurria, Founder, IAWL Advisory, LLC

“I started taking Laura’s courses when I began my consulting and coaching business because I needed to gain clarity around several consulting topics. The courses are clear and concise but the work you do is heavy lifting. Laura challenges you to think beyond what you know and requires you to think outside your comfort zone. Her approach helped me gain clarity around my focus, ideal client, and brand. I highly recommend Laura's courses and the support and interaction you receive from Laura. Believe me when I say her objective is your success.”

Charlotte Anderson, Transformation Keys, LLCCharlotte Anderson, Transformation Keys, LLC

“Excellent courses! Laura takes a holistic approach to consulting but she doesn’t stop there. She realistically discusses each consulting topic following an integrated framework that is not overwhelming. Her ability to communicate with clarity and integrity inspires you. Her framework is actionable. Anyone can do it! After each course, I’m able to keep laying the bricks in the right direction (from Consulting: The First Step) leading me on the path to success, personally and professionally. ”

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