1. Engage with Your Client Objectives and Outcomes

    2. Engage Workbooks, Supporting Documents, and Templates

    1. Preparing for the Meeting Overview

    2. When You Get the Call

    3. Set-up the Discovery Meeting

    4. Five Common Discovery Meeting Mistakes (audio version)

    5. Confirm Your Understanding (Optional)

    1. Conducting the Meeting Overview

    2. Exploring the Client

    3. Client Exploring You!

    4. Ask the Right Questions

    5. The Meeting Close

    6. Confirm Your Understanding (Optional)

    1. The Meeting is Over. Now What?

    2. Document, Analyze, and Evaluate!

    3. Red Flags

    4. Decision Point

    5. Confirm Your Understanding (Optional)

    1. Approach Overview

    2. Craft Your Approach

    1. Before You Begin Pricing

    2. How Much Do You Need?

    3. Project! You Got to Be Kidding.

    4. How Do You Create a Plan?

Discovery Meeting, Approach, Price, Consensus, and Proposal leading to a signed Contract