Your Service Offering is a Consultant’s HOW. It is HOW a consultant helps a client achieve what they are looking to achieve. It is how a consultant moves a client from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

There are three parts to your Service Offering.

  1. Point of View. This is key to a consultant’s HOW. It is your strategic guiding map, your philosophy, and perspective. It is your differentiator helping you stand out in a crowded field of consultants.  
  2. Methodology. A consultant’s methodology is a drill down into your Point of View providing detail about your HOW bridging the strategic and tactical aspects of your HOW.   
  3. Service(s).  This is tactical in nature and is HOW a consultant implements and delivers on their Point of View with the help of their Methodology.


This course helps you…

  • Define your Point of View.
  • Develop a Methodology that ties to your Point of View.
  • Define your services based on your Point of View and Methodology.

Walk away…

  • ensuring your HOW works in conjunction with your WHY and WHAT (Focus) and WHO (Ideal Client.)
  • positioned to create that one-page document or video that explains HOW you help your clients achieve what they are looking to achieve.



    1. Service Offering Overview with Laura

    2. Service Offering Objectives and Outcome

    3. General Module Instructions and Information

    4. List of Service Offering Workbooks and Supporting Documents

    5. Service Offering (Point of View, Methodology, and Service(s)) Workbook

    1. What is a Point of View?

    2. Create Your Own Point of View

    3. Point of View Articles (Optional)

    1. Your Methodology Explained

    2. Create Your Methodology

    1. What is Your Service?

    2. Describe Your Service

    1. Pulling It Together

This module is about your HOW. It is about defining your Point of View, creating your Methodology, and defining your Service(s.)