This 4 Week Workshop Starts on April 4, 2023.

Your Business Core is a combination of your Focus (Why and What), Ideal Client (Who), and Service (How.) Think of them as a book’s first chapter or a movie’s opening scene because they set the stage and impact just about everything a consultant does as they move forward to build, improve, and grow a business.     

There are three keys to a consultant's Business Core: 

  • Focus (Why and What) which is the one thing for which you want to be known; 
  • Ideal Client (Who) is the person you want to work with and who wants to work with you; and 
  • Service which is your Point of View, Methodology, and Service(s) (How). They explain how you assist a client to achieve what they need and want.  

Workshop Overview

This workshop starts with discussions on defining your Focus, the one thing for which you want to be known. It continues by spending time identifying, finding, and validating your Ideal Client. It concludes with discussions on your Service which includes your Point of View (your differentiator), methodology, and actual services you provide.

As you move through this workshop defining and clarifying your Why, What, Who, and How, you start working on your marketing materials and building relationships with potential clients.

Your Business Core impacts just about every decision you make and action you take to help you build and grow your business. Get it right and you can SOAR! Get it wrong and you can struggle.

On completion:   

  • Define your focus. 
  • Understand your ideal client's needs and wants, their pain points and opportunities.
  • Identify key marketing essentials to help build credible and trust.
  • Identify your ideal client’s characteristics and behaviors, their ideal client criteria
  • Understand the importance of rating your ideal client.
  • Determine where to find your ideal client and partners.
  • Validate your ideal client criteria and determine their interest in your focus. 
  • Start your relationship building process. 
  • Define your point of view, your differentiator, helping you to stand out.
  • Expand your point of view with a methodology.
  • Define your service(s).

 Who Is the Workshop For

Anyone who is a solo-consultant or a consultant that is part of a small consulting business. 

It is for the consultant that is serious about building a consulting business. 

It is for the consultant that realizes the clearer they are with their Why, What, Who, and How the easier it will be to succeed. 

What is Included

In addition to the 4 weekly 1 hour and 30 minute workshop discussions, access is provided to: 

  • 2 hour Weekly Clinics where you can ask questions and receive additional feedback
  • Over 20 videos with over 4 hours of educational material
  • Over 20 templates, checklists,  scripts, and other supporting materials  
  • Life time access to the workshop slides and replays
  • Life time access to Module 1: Focus, Module 2: Ideal Client, and Module 3: Service
  • Consultant's Community group

Your Business Core!

Workshop and Clinic Schedule

Workshop Time: 4 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET (1 hour and 30 minutes)

(1 PM PT | 2 PM MT | 3 PM CT | 4 PM ET)


Clinic Time: 11 AM ET to 1 PM ET (2 hours)

(8 AM PT | 9 AM MT | 10 AM CT | 11 AM ET)

April 4: Workshop: Module 1: Focus

April 6: Clinic


April 11: Workshop: Module 2: Ideal Client

April 13: Clinic


April 18: Workshop: Module 3: Service

April 20: Clinic


April 25: Workshop: Business Core Recap

April 27: Clinic

Are You Ready to Standout with a Solid Business Core!

(Access Provided to Online Course Material on Sign-up)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the workshop material?

    This is a tough question to respond to because so much depends on you. It takes time to listen to the videos and then walk through the exercises in the workbooks and complete the templates. The activity that takes the longest is the validation effort. I've seen consultants complete this activity within 2 weeks and others take more than 2 months. The material is designed so that you can work at your own pace and revisit material as necessary.

  • When do I receive access to the workshop materials?

    Access to the modules is provided a week before the workshop begins. The slides and any additional materials is provided during the weekly session. Replays to the weekly sessions are posted within 48 hours of the workshop.

  • What happens if I'm unable to attend a workshop session?

    Each workshop discussion session is recorded and posted in the course curriculum within 48 hours. You can review the replay when convenient for you.

  • What happens if I have a question before the weekly workshop or clinic session?e session

    Post the question in the Community Group and ask others in the workshop for their feedback. I monitor the Community Group and try to respond within 24 hours. If the question is posted on a weekend or holiday, the actual timeframe can be longer.

  • I signed up and attended the workshop but have decided that I would like to be part of the JUMPSTART Blueprint program. Is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. I provide a credit to you for the workshop so that you only pay the difference. Contact me directly at

  • I feel I need more support than the workshop provides. Is it possible to obtain one-on-one assistance?

    Yes. One-on-one assistance is available. Contact me directly at so that we can discuss your needs and determine next steps.

  • What is the difference between the modules in the Consulting JUMPSTART program and the Your Business Core workshop?

    The materials-videos, workbooks, and templates are the same. For the differences between the program and the workshop refer to the section below - How is the workshop different than the Consulting JUMPSTART program?

How is the workshop different than the Consulting JUMPSTART Program?

The Business Core workshop includes the first three modules, Focus (1), Ideal Client (2), and Service (3), of the Consulting JUMPSTART program.  

In addition to the material in the modules, the workshop includes a weekly discussion on a specific topic. The discussion is recorded enabling an attendee to revisit the material. Attendees also have access to a weekly clinic, the Consultant's Community Group, and have life time access to the course material, replays, and workshop handouts.  

What is not included is access to all of the JUMPSTART program modules, no individual plan is created, and access to the weekly clinics and Community Group ceases at the conclusion of the workshop. 

Let's Get Started Building Your Business Core!

(Access Provided to Online Course Material on Sign-up)