This 3 Week Workshop Starts on June 13, 2023.

As you listen to a prospective client’s need, you shake your head up and down because you are sure you know exactly what they need.  You craft a proposal and forward it to the economic buyer.  Two days later you call to set-up a time to talk about your offer only to hear – REJECTED. 

Engaging with a prospective client is far more than crafting a proposal.  It starts with discussing the opportunity and ensuring you capture all the right information.  It moves to crafting an approach, pricing it properly, and then discussing it with the prospective client obtaining agreement before taking pen to paper writing a proposal. 

ENGAGE With Your Client starts by discussing one of the most important meetings a consultant has with a client-the Discovery Meeting. The course continues with a discussion about crafting an appropriate Approach and determining the right Price. It concludes with the final act-providing a Proposal that leads to a Signed Contract. It discusses not only you, the consultant, but also your interaction with the prospective client.         

Workshop Overview


As a consultant builds awareness and forms relationships, they position themselves for the most important question a client can ask them, “I think you can help me.  Are you interested in talking?” 

This workshop covers the most important meeting a consultant has with a client, the discovery meeting or what some people refer to as an exploratory meeting.  A discovery meeting enables a consultant to understand the needs of a client and consequentially determine an approach and price leading to the creation of a proposal. 

Walk away with a framework. Included are templates to help understand and evaluate an opportunity, develop an approach and price for a client, obtain consensus on the approach, and craft a proposal leading to a signed contract.  


On completion:

  • Develop your own framework for preparing, conducting, and evaluating a discovery meeting. 
  • Recognize the best questions and formats for gathering data and information.
  • Understand how to respond to client questions about you and your offering. 
  • Identify common red flags that can impact a decision to pursue an opportunity.  
  • Understand how to leverage a consultant’s point of view, methodology, and services to develop an approach. 
  • Recognize the pros and cons and best use situations of the five basic pricing strategies: Time and Expense, Fixed Price, Value Based, Risk-Reward, and Retainer.
  • Develop your own framework for holding a consensus meeting and formalizing a proposal. 
  • Recognize the eleven key sections of a proposal and develop your own operational and responsibility standards.  
  • Develop a proposal letter or statement of work (SOW) template that works for you. 
  • Understand contractual concepts of contracts from the business side.*  

*(I’m not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice. I strongly recommend any legal concerns be discussed with an attorney.)  

 Who Is the Workshop For

Anyone who is a solo-consultant or a consultant that is part of a small consulting business. 

It is for the consultant who isn't sure as to the best way to gather the data and information they need to determine an approach and price to an opportunity and then obtain client consensus so that they are positioned to write a winning proposal.  

Are You Ready to Get Started?

(Access Provided to Online Course Material on Sign-up)

What is Included

In addition to the 3 weekly 2 hour topic workshops, access is provided to: 

  • 2 hour Clinics where you ask your questions
  • Over 20 videos with hours of educational material, over 25 templates, checklists, examples, and other supporting materials  
  • Life time access to the workshop slides and replays
  • Life time access to Module 6: Engage with you Client
  • Consultant's Community group

Determine Your Offer and Perfect Price

Price Increases on May 26, 2023 to $697.00

Workshop and Clinic Schedule

Workshop Time: 4 PM ET to 6:00 PM ET (2 Hours)

(1 PM PT | 2 PM MT | 3 PM CT | 4 PM ET)


Clinic Time: 11 AM ET to 1 PM ET (2 hours)

(8 AM PT | 9 AM MT | 10 AM CT | 11 AM ET)

June 13: Workshop: Discovery Meeting

June 15: Clinic


June 20: Workshop: Approach and Pricing

June 22: Clinic


June 27: Workshop: Consensus Meeting, Proposal and Contract

June 29: Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the workshop material?

    This is a tough question to respond to because so much depends on you. It takes time to listen to the videos and then walk through the exercises in the workbooks and complete the templates. The activity that takes the longest is the validation effort. I've seen consultants complete this activity within 2 weeks and others take more than 2 months. The material is designed so that you can work at your own pace and revisit material as necessary.

  • When do I receive access to the workshop materials?

    Access to the modules is provided a week before the workshop begins. The slides and any additional materials is provided during the weekly session. Replays to the weekly sessions are posted within 48 hours of the workshop.

  • What happens if I'm unable to attend a workshop session?

    Each workshop discussion session is recorded and posted in the course curriculum within 48 hours. You can review the replay when convenient for you.

  • What happens if I have a question before the weekly workshop or clinic session?

    Post your question in the Community Group and and ask others taking the workshop for their feedback. Additionally, I monitor the group and try to respond within 24 hours. If the question is posted on a weekend or holiday, the actual timeframe can be longer.

  • I signed up and attended the workshop but have decided that I would like to be part of the JUMPSTART Blueprint program. Is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. I provide a credit to you for the workshop so that you only pay the difference. Contact me directly at [email protected]

  • I feel I need more support than the workshop provides. Is it possible to obtain one-on-one assistance?

    Yes. One-on-one assistance is available. Contact me directly at [email protected] so that we can discuss your needs and determine next steps.

  • What is the difference between the modules in the Consulting JUMPSTART program and Your Offer and Perfect Price workshop?

    The materials-videos, workbooks, and templates are the same. For the differences between the program and the workshop refer to the section above - How is Build Awareness and Client Relationships different than the Consulting JUMPSTART program?

How is the Your Offer and Perfect Price workshop different than the Consulting JUMPSTART program?

Your Offer and Perfect Price Workshop covers the last module of the Consulting JUMPSTART program.  The course module material is the same. 

There is a 90 minute weekly workshop on a specific topic. Attendees have access to a weekly 2 hour clinic as long as they are attending the workshop, and access to the Community Group to connect with other consultants and to ask questions. 

What is not included is access to all of the JUMPSTART program modules, no individual plan is created, and access to the weekly clinics and Community Group ceases when the workshop is over. 

Ready to Write the Perfect Proposal?

(Access Provided to Online Course Material on Sign-up)