• Clarify Your Why

    Clarity requires being motivated and believing in yourself. It requires understanding who you are and what matters to you. It requires evaluating your knowledge and skills and then building on your strengths. Clarity on your "Why" starts you down the path of determining your What-Your Focus.

  • Determine Your What

    Often people decide on a What without taking the time to evaluate themselves, determine if they have the strengths, expertise or experience, and if there is a demand and desire. It necessitates taking an idea and identifying the pain points resulting in a demand and desire leading to defining Your Focus.

  • Validate Your "One Thing"

    It is great to determine a focus, but is there a demand and desire? Before crafting a brand message or networking for hours, determine if people are not only interested in your idea but open to paying you to help them. Ask people for their advice and opinion. Validate Your Focus.


    1. Focus Overview with Laura

    2. 3 Key Criteria Overview

    3. Focus Objectives and Outcome

    4. General Module Instructions and Information

    5. List of Focus Workbooks and Supporting Documents

    6. Before we begin (Optional)...

    1. Understand You Overview

    2. Understand You Workbook

    3. Success To Me Is...

    4. I'm Thrilled When...

    5. My Core Values Are...

    6. Understand You Restated

    7. Understand You Quiz (Optional)

    1. Build on You Overview

    2. Build On Workbook

    3. Appreciate Your Natural Strengths

    4. Identify Your Expertise and Experience

    5. Build on You Restated

    1. Demand & Desire Overview

    2. Demand and Desire Workbook

    3. The Need & Want Intersection

    4. Need! Want! Triggers!

    5. Now Your Focus!

    6. Preliminary Validate

    7. Demand and Desire Restated

    8. Demand and Desire Quiz (Optional)

    1. Pulling it All Together (Focus)

    2. 3 Critical & Key Criteria Quiz (Optional)

    1. Books to Consider...

    2. Focus and Simplicity - Steve Jobs

    3. Slow but Steady Leading to Success (Article)

    4. What it is Not! (Article)

    5. Are You Leveraging Your Strengths to Their Full Potential (Article)

Determine Your Focus and Start Validating Interest before Defining Your Ideal Client - Module 2