• Approach

    As the consultant, you set the course for the engagement. Defining the approach is determining how you can help a client. It is about providing an approach that meets the client’s expectations and desired outcome within the required timeframe and budget constraints. It is about evaluating options and alternatives, defining key products or deliverables, outlining responsibilities for you as well as the client, and finally, determining a price.

  • Pricing Strategy

    Your pricing strategy depends on the prospective client, the recommended approach, and you, the consultant. But before deciding on the right pricing strategy for a particular situation or for you, understand the pros and cons, and best practices for each of the 5 basic pricing models.

  • Consensus

    With an approach in hand and a price determined, meet to discuss your HOW with the economic buyer. Your goal is to obtain consensus that your approach meets the client’s expectations and provides the desired outcome. This is your opportunity to clarify and refine your approach before you take pen to paper to write the proposal.

Walk Away With...

  • Identification of the key components from your approach that are required to determine a price, obtain consensus with the prospective client, and eventually write a proposal leading to a signed contract.

  • An awareness of the 5 basic pricing models including the pros and cons, and best practices of each model providing you a deeper understanding of each pricing option.

  • Determine what model or models work best for you, your service offering, and your consulting practice.

  • Recognize the value of a consensus meeting with the prospective client because this meeting enables a consultant to confirm and revamp their approach before submitting a written document memorializing their approach.


Right Approach and Right Price Leads to Success for EVERYONE

  • 1

    7.0 Right Approach, Right Price! Overview

    • Course Overview Message by Laura

    • Right Approach, Right Price! Objectives and Outcomes

  • 2

    7.1 Craft the Approach

    • Craft Your Approach Workbook

    • Approach Overview

    • Craft The Right Approach

    • Approach Template

    • Craft Your Approach Checklist

  • 3
  • 4

    7.3 What is the Best Pricing Strategy?

    • What is the Best Pricing Strategy? Workbook

    • Which Pricing Strategy is Best?

    • Classify Your Model

    • Confirm Your Understanding

  • 5

    7.4 Time and Expense Pricing Model

    • Pricing Workbook (Use This Workbook with ALL Pricing Model Chapters)

    • Time and Expense Model

    • Time and Expense Scenario

    • Confirm Your Understanding

  • 6

    7.5 Fixed Price Pricing Model

    • Fixed Price Model

    • Fixed Price Scenario

    • Confirm Your Understanding

  • 7

    7.6 Value Based Pricing Model

    • Value Based Model

    • Value Based Scenario

    • Confirm Your Understanding

  • 8

    7.7 Risk-Reward Pricing Model

    • Risk-Reward Model

    • Risk-Reward Scenario

  • 9

    7.8 Retainer Pricing Model

    • Retainer Model

    • Retainer Scenario

    • Confirm Your Understanding

  • 10

    7.9 Now Time For Consensus!

    • Consensus Workbook

    • Consensus Overview

    • Now Time For Concensus!

  • 11

    7.10 Additional Materials Right Approach, Right Price! (Optional)

    • Pricing In Review

    • Recap-Final Thoughts

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Before you go...

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