Online Workshop

October 21st and October 28th 2022 

11 AM to 4:30 PM EST

(8 AM PT | 9 AM MT | 10 AM CT)


Starting October 17th - $1997.00

If you are like most consultants, you are continually looking to get more clients. But how?

You can perform internet searches on “best tactics to acquire clients” and scroll through the numerous videos and 1000-word blog articles.  You can purchase books and ask people for advice.


But, What If . . .

  • You took a strategic approach to building relationships with people that you want to work with and who want to work with you?  
  • You not only understood the big picture but had tools and techniques that you could immediately employ to connect and get to know clients?   
  • You could implement a repeatable systematic process to help you get more clients?


The goal of this workshop is to help you get more clients, clients that you want to work with and who want to work with you.  

  • Learn the fundamental principles that help get clients, the why,
  • Learn the processes, techniques, and tools to help get clients, the how, and
  • Practice with the help of real-life scenarios.  


At the conclusion of this workshop, walk away with a practical, usable, and repeatable systematic process to help you get more clients not only today or next month but year after year.


But here is where I can’t help you—you need to be disciplined and do the work.

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Starting October 17th - $1997.00


As you connect and get to know your client, you continually provide them VALUE, support them, and put their needs before your needs. You build relationships with them and this requires developing a strategy. 


Day 1 starts by providing an overview of the relationship model and the five relationship stages.  It continues with in-depth discussions on the first three relationship stages—Connect, Get to Know, and Nurture—and the three strategies ever consultant should incorporate into their business.  It ends with a discussion on strategic targeted outreach and referral strategies. 


On completion: 

  • Understand the five stages of the relationship model: Connect, Get to Know, Nurture, Ask and Offer, and Stay in Touch. 
  • Determine ways to find, connect, and categorize potential clients. 
  • Evaluate your essential marketing documents and actions to help get known. 
  • Develop an overall strategic targeted outreach approach and an individualized outreach plan format. 
  • Develop referral guidelines and a referral strategy. 

Day 2 expands on Day 1 with discussions on incorporating writing, speaking, and other passive approaches into your strategy, moving into the last two relationship stages—Ask and Offer and Stay in Touch, the development of an overall relationship strategy, and the creation of a workable action plan.


On completion: 

  • Create a strategic networking strategy that incorporates a consultant’s referral and targeted outreach strategies    
  • Incorporate passive relationship strategies into a consultant’s overall strategy 
  • Move from the Nurture Stage to an Ask and Offer or Discovery Meeting 
  • Understand the best ways control a meeting and best format for questions 
  • Develop an approach for stay in touch
  • Create a workable relationship action plan


Throughout the two days, you practice using real-life scenarios and conversations surrounding common “getting clients” challenges.   

Who Is the Workshop For

Anyone who is a solo-consultant.  Whether you are new to consulting or been consulting for years, this workshop is good for you.


There is one caveat. Regardless of where you are in your journey, you need to have clarity of your focus, ideal client, and service offering (point of view, methodology, and the actual services offered.)    

What is Included:

In addition to the two days (October 21st and October 28thof online group discussions on the fundamental principles, processes, and real-life scenarios and challenges:

  • Templates, checklists, various techniques, scripts, and other supporting material handouts.
  • Life time access to the replays of the online group discussions.
  • Life time access to selected online Consulting Jumpstart Blueprint course material augmenting the online group discussions (includes all of Module 5: Build Trusted Relationship Material and selected other videos and supporting materials.)
  • Community Group to one another and correspond with the other attendees.

Preparation Work

There is no required workshop pre-work.


However, if you would like to be prepared consider reviewing the online course material before the workshop begins on October 21st. Access to the online material (videos, templates, and scripts) will be provided on September 12th.

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Price Increase on October 17th to $1997

If you are part of the Consulting Jumpstart Blueprint program, you are able to attend this workshop at no additional cost. 

However, you must let me know you are interested in attending.

What People Have Said...

“More Confidence and More Prepared as Prospective Clients Find Me 👉 When I launched my consulting business, I had no direct consulting experience. My organizational and leadership knowledge and expertise was solid, but when it came to consulting, reading books wasn’t enough. I needed someone who could share expertise as well as guide, encourage, and challenge me. While on LinkedIn, I discovered Laura Burford and signed up for a webinar where it became clear I had much to learn about the “ins and outs” of building a consulting business. I enrolled in the Consulting Jumpstart Blueprint program, which helped me articulate my focus, Leadership Excellence within Education. Understanding my focus helped me define how I serve my clients and enabled me to establish an approach to networking and relationship building. I am much more confident and equipped to find and support my clients. What is great is my prospective clients are finding me and responding with more enthusiasm now that my communication incorporates the principles Laura taught me. I am prepared and ready for all stages of the consulting relationship due to the theory and practice learned from Laura through the Consulting Jumpstart Blueprint program. ”

Allison Langford, Ed.D, ABL Wise Consulting

“Executing a pivot led to confidence and energy to engage 👉 I am confident in my abilities for specialty chemicals and materials processing, but was anxious about moving from my previous corporate career to that of a consultant. Even though I have a strong peer network, I was unsure as to how to identify potential clients. Being a strong believer in making a powerful first impression, I wanted to clearly articulate the services and value I provide to a client. Working with Laura, I quickly learned the power of less being more and the importance of narrowing my consulting focus. This resulted in tailoring my message and aligning my focus with the commercialization challenges facing business development leaders. Additionally, Laura helped me move outside of my comfort zone and focus my energy on further developing my service offering and strategically reaching out to build relationships to find potential opportunities. ”

John Gohndrone, Ph.D, JMG Process Solutions, LLC

“Confidence to craft and test a well-defined niche that I am truly excited about.👉 Prior to working with Laura and taking her Consulting Jumpstart Blueprint program I had obtained consulting clients in a wide variety of industries via word of mouth. After training to be an Executive Coach, I realized I needed to be more intentional about the type of clients I wanted to serve. Based on my interests, experience and skills, I landed on helping CEOs of small professional services companies uplevel their team and processes so their business runs without them. Laura's program provided a step-by-step framework for defining my niche as one that would make me unique, while also allowing me to serve the clients that I most liked working with. Having this focus helps me provide a better service to my clients, and it helps prospective clients recognize me as someone who can help them. The information provided in the course, along with Laura's guidance and attention to my specific situation, gave me the confidence to craft and test a well-defined niche that I am truly excited about. Throughout the process of working with Laura I was impressed by how she goes above and beyond most on-line courses to provide her students as much support as needed to help them get to their goals. ”

Monica Borrell, Monica Borrell Coaching

“Within 90 days less resulted in more money 👉 I started my consulting business enthusiastic, but after a few months I was still spinning my wheels and struggling to define my focus resulting in limited client opportunities. The Consultancy Model and Laura’s ability to help me leverage my strengths, narrow my focus, and clarify my point of view enabled me to create and then deliver a concise, aligned message to the right people. The result-several new clients and fully booked on engagements. Beyond the obvious financial benefit, my confidence in how I present myself is at an all-time high. ”

Ryan Walter, Parrels Advisory

“Gained clarity around my focus, ideal client, and brand. 👉 I started taking Laura’s courses when I began my consulting and coaching business because I needed to gain clarity around several consulting topics. The courses are clear and concise but the work you do is heavy lifting. Laura challenges you to think beyond what you know and requires you to think outside your comfort zone. Her approach helped me gain clarity around my focus, ideal client, and brand. I highly recommend Laura's courses and the support and interaction you receive from Laura. Believe me when I say her objective is your success.”

Charlotte Anderson, Transformation Keys, LLC

“Successful engaged with new clients without using third parties 👉 After years of working with third parties to find work, I decided to directly acquire my own clients but didn’t know where to start. The Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint program helped me clarify my focus and ideal client—helping CIOs obtain the benefits of agile transformation without destroying the morale of their staff—and improve my approach as to how I support my client’s needs. The best part is as I validated my agile offer, within a couple months I engaged with two new clients without the use of any third parties. With increased confidence, I’m now positioned to productize my services and to continue building relationships. If I get stuck, I know I can get help by joining a weekly call or dropping a question in the community group. ”

Pat Delany, eSelect Consulting, Inc.

“Combining of my passions leads to viable Consulting Career 👉 As both a nonprofit executive and a professional comedic improviser, I was struggling to combine my passions into a viable consulting career. Now I am poised to launch my own business helping professional women unlock their power as public speakers. With Laura's support and guidance, I was able to hone in on my focus, ideal client, and messaging with confidence. Laura is a great listener with a personalized approach, and the system she has developed provided the structure I needed to actually make progress towards my goals. ”

Lura Barber, Phase Zero Consulting, LLC

“I’ve tried to establish my own consulting practice, but struggled. After taking Laura’s course and actively participating in the group discussions, I realize my services were too broad and my message needed to be further refined so that it was more than good-it was GREAT!”

Valentina Crosson, VCI Innovative Solutions, LLC