• DATE: June 14, 2024

  • TIME: 12 PM to 3 PM EDT (Start Times: 9 AM PT | 10 PM MT | 11 PM CT)

  • Price: $149.00

  • LOCATION: Zoom

  • REPLAY: Available for six months

This workshop is for the business professional who has…

Experience and Expertise

Wants to make a change but is unsure as to what, and

Is considering consulting as an option.

The workshop starts by clarifying terminology and then focuses on…  

Recognizing the attributes and motivators of a successful consultant.

Assessing you and for want you want to be known.

Evaluating your knowledge and skills and support structure to determine where you excel and where you might need assistance

Developing approaches for improving your knowledge, skills, and support structure.

Creating a clear 30-60-90 day action plan.

At the end of the workshop you are in a better position to determine if Consulting is a Fit and if you want to pursue becoming a consultant.  If you are still not sure if consulting is an option, there is a discussion on potential actions to take to help you continue your assessment. 

Workshop Outline

    1. Welcome to Explore Consulting: Assess Your Consulting Fitness in 180 Minutes

    2. Workshop Documents

    1. Consulting Defined

    2. Attributes of Successful Consultants

    3. Reasons Why Consultants are Hired

    4. Your Motivational Drivers for Becoming a Consultant

    1. Understanding You

    2. Building On You

    3. Determining Your One Thing

    1. Evaluating You in Four Areas

    2. Assessing Your Operational Business Fundamentals

    3. Assessing Your Consulting Specific Skills

    4. Assessing Your Technical Skills

    5. Assessing Your Power Skills

    1. Understanding the Importance of Support

    2. Evaluting Your Financial Support Structure

    3. Identifying and Developing Your Support Network

    1. Assessing Your Personal, Knowledge, and Support Factors

    2. Evaluating Risk and Stability

    3. Deciding on Your Next Step

Is Consulting a Fit for You?


The (New) Career: Consulting! What is it? What does it take?

“This past week I had an extremely valuable experience of attending Laura’s seminar on Career: Consulting. The program provided a clear overview for those considering a career in consulting. The presentation was clear, concise, and provided concrete direction and advice. Laura has empathy and a depth of experience that is critical for anyone considering a career. (Decided to give consulting a try and still consulting today.)”

Decided to give consulting a try and still consulting today.

“I am currently at a crossroads in my career. Continue with “corporate life”, which I have done very successfully for 35 years or pursue a life of Independence in a consulting role. While I have hired 100’s of consultants in my career, I didn’t know much about what it took “behind the scenes” to be successful in consulting. I attended Laura’s seminar called “The (New) Career: Consulting! What is it? What does it take?”. It was spot on what I needed.”

Decided to remain in the corporate world and continued to look for a new position.

“I attended Laura’s recent seminar “The (New) Career: Consulting! What is it? What does it take?” after she was highly recommended by a trusted friend in the consulting space. Over the last couple of years, my career has been focused on project-based work and I was seeking guidance to define next steps. Laura successfully presented a clear outline and definition of consulting successfully, and facilitated thought- provoking discussions within our attendee group, which consisted of a great mix of people at pivotal points in their career. I would highly recommend Laura’s future sessions to anyone who is thinking of a future in consulting or looking to elevate their current consulting career.”

Continued to be her own boss as a consultant.


  • Is the workshop being recorded?

    Yes. The Explore Consulting workshop is being recorded and available for six months after the workshop. If you are like me, you need time to process what you heard. I believe being able to revisit the workshop and related handouts is important and part of my overall training philosophy.

  • How many people are able to attend the workshop?

    The workshop is limited to 20 attendees so that it is possible for everyone to be engaged and ask any questions that they might have.

  • Are copies of the slides available?

    You are not provided a copy of the slides but you do receive a workbook, an assessment document, and other handouts. The information on the slides is included in the various documents.

  • Is there any prerequisite work?

    No. There is no prerequisite work. However, the day before the workshop you receive and email with links to download several documents that are used and referred to during the workshop.

  • Do we receive a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes. A Certificate of Completion is provided.