Self Study Course - Ask and Offer Bundle

This course is the third in the ENGAGE series and builds on "The Most Important Meeting: Discovery!" and "Right Approach, Right Price!". It discusses an approach for crafting a proposal based on an agreed upon approach and to provide an overview of the business aspects of a consulting contract.

  • The Contract

    During the discovery meeting, the prospective client informed you that there is a standard contract that needs to signed. We discuss common terms that every consultant should understand as well as business impacts. Understanding the terms and business implications assists with facilitating conversations with your attorney.

  • The Proposal

    You have spent weeks or months cultivating a relationship until the prospective client asked to meet to discuss an opportunity. You crafted and discussed an approach. Agreement achieved! The business side is about documenting that agreement in a proposal (or statement of work) and then obtaining the necessary signatures turning the proposal into a contract.

Walk Away With...

  • Understand the two sides of contracts: the legal side offered referred to as a standard contract or master agreement; and the business side which ties to a proposal letter or statement of work (SOW).

  • Understand the business impact of sixteen legal* terms found in standard contracts or master agreements and determine if there are any industry or specific consulting legal requirements.

  • Understand the proposal letter and statement of work (SOW) formats that leverage your discovery meetings findings and build upon the agreed proposed approach.


Legal - Business - "Contract"

    1. What is a Contract? Workbook

    2. What is a Contract?

    3. Confirm Your Understanding

    1. The Contract: Legal Side Workbook

    2. The Legalize of a Contract

    3. Confirm Your Understanding

    1. The Proposal: Business Side Workbook

    2. Proposal Versus Statement of Work

    3. Proposal Letter

    4. Statement of Work

    5. Proposal Template

    6. Statement of Work Template

    7. Confirm Your Understanding

    1. Before you go...

    1. More resources for you...

    2. Frequently Asked Questions

Part of Ask & Offer Bundle

  • 19 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


  • Over 7 videos walk you through the legal and business aspects of a consulting contract. Three workbooks with exercises, proposal and statement of work templates and examples, and other supporting documents help you accelerate your progress.

  • Life-time access to the course material provided enabling you to periodically refresh your knowledge and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    This is a tough question to respond to because so much depends on you. Videos are under 15 minutes with most between 2 and 7 minutes. Modules (or chapters) are focused on one specific topic and designed to be completed within one seating. Videos in each module (or chapter) are less than 60 minutes in total. However, it takes time to listen to the videos and walk through the exercises in the workbooks. I recommend setting aside 1 to 3 hours for major modules (or chapters). Some people take 30 minutes to complete the associated exercises while other people take 60 minutes or more to complete them.

  • I started the course but I was not able to finish because of other commitments. What now?

    You have access to the course material for the life of the course so you can take the course whenever you are ready and have the time.

  • What is the difference between the group discussion and the self study courses?

    1) The group discussions enable the attendees to not only ask questions but attendees are able to review their exercise answers with the group and obtain feedback. The self-study course does not provide for any type of feedback. 2) It is common for me to add material that is not included in the self-study course based on the group questions. This material is normally not added to the self-study course. 3) Group discussions are recorded and related material posted for later review by that particular group.

  • I feel I need more support than the course provides. Is it possible to obtain one-on-one assistance?

    Yes. One-on-one assistance is available. Contact me directly so that we can discuss your needs and determine next steps.