What It Is...

The Consultant’s Jumpstart Blueprint is a step-by-step transformational system-a framework-designed to support the Consultant’s Model. The system is a flexible, iterative approach that guides a consultant through the seven knowledge areas-Focus, Ideal Client, Brand Message, Service Offering, Awareness, Engage, and Deliver. The goal is to help consultants JUMPSTART their business by eliminating wasted time and reducing frustration resulting in them being successful and making money.  

Not everyone learns the same way. Therefore, there are three different approaches, all aimed at helping you become a successful consultant.  

The Three Ways to Learn...

  • Group Workshops

    Some people find group discussion workshops ideal for them because weekly they interaction with other students faced with similar challenges during a group discussion. The workshops, which are tied to the seven key knowledge areas of the Consultant's Development Model, are provided throughout the year. How they work: workshop material consisting of videos, handouts, and templates is released weekly with a group discussion, led by Laura, scheduled a few days later. Replays of the discussions are provided. Life-time workshop access provided.

  • Self-Study

    Other people prefer to work on their own and at their own pace. Self-study courses are tied to the seven key knowledge areas of the Consultant's Development Model but there is no interaction with other students nor interaction with the instructor. Life-time course access provided.

  • Individual Mentoring

    And still others find one-on-one mentoring is the right approach for them. This eight-module transformation approach includes weekly one-on-one calls with Laura and the creation of an individual plan. All courses and workshops as well as additional videos and handouts specific to the consultant are provided. During the calls, accomplishments and challenges preventing the short-term pre-determined tasks from being completed are discussed. Email correspondence is provided between the scheduled calls.