Consulting is a Relationship Business and relationships are complex. This course discusses:

The five stages of relationship building and how you should think about each one,

Development of a relationship strategy, 

Determining the best targeted outreach, referral, and networking, or what I refer to as active awareness, techniques and tactics for you,

Passive awareness approaches such as writing and speaking,

The creation of a daily and weekly plan so that you are...

Asked the all important question "Can You Help Me?"*

*This course assumes you have clarity as to your Focus and Ideal Client.* 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Building Trusted Relationships!

    • Overview to Building Trusted Relationships

  • 2


    • Relationship Strategy Workbook

    • Relationship Strategy Overview

    • What is a Trusted Relationship?

    • What is a Relationship Strategy?

    • 5 Stages of a Relationship

    • Start Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 3

    Active Awareness

    • What is Active Awareness?

  • 4

    Targeted Outreach

    • Targeted Outreach Workbook

    • What is Targeted Outreach?

    • Targeted Outreach Categories

    • Create Your Targeted Outreach Approach

    • Continue Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 5

    Referrals, Or If You Rather Introductions

    • Referral Workbook

    • A Referral Overview

    • What is a Referral?

    • What is a Referral Approach?

    • Referral Sources and Your Referral Approach

    • Continue Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 6


    • Networking Workbook

    • Networking Overview

    • What is Networking?

    • Networking and Social Media

    • Pulling Your Key Connections Together

    • Continue Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 7

    The Plan

    • Plan Workbook

    • Create Your Awareness Plan Overview

    • Create Your Awareness Plan

  • 8

    Passive Awareness

    • Passive Awareness Workbook

    • Passive Awareness Overview

    • What is Passive Awareness?

  • 9

    Pulling it ALL Together

    • Moving From Stage 3 to Stage 4

    • Pulling it ALL Together

  • 10

    Weekly Relationship Group Discussion Replays

    • 4-13-2020 Group Discussion