Your Point of View (POV) is your philosophy, your perspective. It is your differentiation in a crowded field of consultants. 

Your Point of View is the HOW for your business while your Focus is your WHY and WHAT and your Ideal Client your WHO

You craft your Point of View by analyzing the world around you, building on your core values and principles, and leveraging your experience and expertise. You reframe existing concepts and ideas that tie to your focus- that one thing for which you want to become known – and your ideal client. 

Your Point of View is how you will move someone from Point A, where they are today, to Point B, where they want to be or how they define success. Think of your Point of View as the journey your client experiences. 

This course… 

  • Defines a Point of View 
  • Examines why having a Point of View is so important to a consultant’s success
  • Discusses creating your Point of View at two levels:  Your Overview Map and Map Framework
  • Describes service offering options 


    1. Point of View to Powerful Offer: An Overview

    2. Service Offering Objective and Outcome

    3. List of Point of View to Powerful Offer Workbooks and Supporting Documents

    1. Service Offering Overview

    2. Your Point of View Map

    3. Create Your Framework

    4. Determine Your Offer

    5. Pulling It All Together

Step 3 - Point of View Drives Your Offering