• Prepare

    Before you meet, it is important to prepare for the meeting so that you ensure a successful exploratory meeting occurs. Preparing means performing preliminary research about the prospective client and asking appropriate prequalifying questions. It means ensuring the meeting structure positions you to craft an approach to help them.

  • Conduct

    Conducting the meeting is about understanding the why, what, who, when, and where so that the consultant can craft the HOW-the proposed approach leading to a solution. Sounds easy, but a consultant needs to gather the essential information within a relatively short period of time. This requires the consultant to not only be organized providing just the right level of information about them, but also ask precise well-structured questions.

  • Understand Their ASK!

    With the information gathered, the consultant documents, analyzes, and evaluates their findings recognizing red flags and determining if the opportunity is a fit or not for them. The prospective client is doing the same thing and determining if the consultant is for them. Both the consultant and prospective client determine if they want to move to the next step which is developing a proposed approach to the prospective client’s ASK.

Walk Away With...

  • A prequalification framework to ensure the prospective client and opportunity might be a fit before the initial meeting occurs.

  • An awareness of the information to obtain from a prospective client during an exploratory meeting so that you-the consultant-is positioned to craft an approach that leads to a solution.

  • An understanding of the best question formats to ensure the essential and appropriate information is gathered within a relatively short period of time.

  • A response to client questions about you and your service offerings when not ready to provide an approach nor quote a fee for services.

  • A methodology for documenting, analyzing, and evaluating the meeting including the determination of red flags. The outcome of the evaluation answers the question-Is the opportunity a fit or not?


Prepare - Conduct - Understand Their ASK!

    1. Course Overview Message by Laura

    2. Discovery Meeting Objectives and Outcomes

    1. Preparing for the Meeting Overview

    2. When You Get the Call

    3. Set-up the Meeting

    4. Confirm Your Understanding (Optional)

    1. Conducting the Meeting Overview

    2. Exploring the Prospective Client

    3. Client Exploring You!

    4. Ask the Right Questions

    5. The Meeting Close

    6. Confirm Your Understanding (Optional)

    1. The Meeting is Over. Now What?

    2. Document, Analyze, and Evaluate!

    3. Red Flags

    4. Decision Point

    5. Confirm Your Understanding (Optional)

    1. In Review

    2. Meeting Pointers to Consider

    3. Five Common Discovery Meeting Mistakes (audio version)

Step 6 - Find Out How You Can Help Them