Getting and keeping clients requires Building Trust Relationships. But how do you build a trusted relationship that leads to getting a client?    

This five-week group discussion course starts by discussing the five stages of relationship building and the creation of an overall relationship building strategy. It continues with discussions on developing referral, targeted outreach, and networking approaches as well as writing and speaking to help find and connect with your ideal client. Before moving on, there is a discussion on using social media as a tool to help connect. The course concludes with the creation of a daily plan which positions you to answer the all-important question...

"Can You Help Me?"*


  • Videos, workbooks, templates, and relevant documents
  • Weekly Group Discussion (Monday, 7 PM EST) 
  • Replays of discussions available
  • Private Facebook Group to post questions
  • Life-time Access to Material

First week's material is provided on 3/8. First group discussion is on 3/15.

What to discuss the course? Grab time on my calendar.

 *This course assumes you have clarity as to your Focus and Ideal Client.  If you need assistance with clarifying your Focus and Ideal Client, consider taking the Self-Study Bundle on Focus, Ideal Client and Brand Message or listen to videos on the YouTube channel.

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Material Available 3/8

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Building Trusted Relationships!

    • Overview to Building Trusted Relationships

  • 2


    • Relationship Strategy Workbook

    • Relationship Strategy Overview

    • What is a Trusted Relationship?

    • What is a Relationship Strategy?

    • 5 Stages of a Relationship

    • Start Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 3

    Active Awareness

    • What is Active Awareness?

  • 4

    Targeted Outreach

    • Targeted Outreach Workbook

    • What is Targeted Outreach?

    • Targeted Outreach Categories

    • Create Your Targeted Outreach Approach

    • Continue Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 5

    Referrals, Or If You Rather Introductions

    • Referral Workbook

    • A Referral Overview

    • What is a Referral?

    • What is a Referral Approach?

    • Referral Sources and Your Referral Approach

    • Continue Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 6


    • Networking Workbook

    • Networking Overview

    • What is Networking?

    • Networking and Social Media

    • Pulling Your Key Connections Together

    • Continue Creating Your Relationship Strategy

  • 7

    The Plan

    • Plan Workbook

    • Create Your Awareness Plan Overview

    • Create Your Awareness Plan

  • 8

    Passive Awareness

    • Passive Awareness Workbook

    • Passive Awareness Overview

    • What is Passive Awareness?

  • 9

    Pulling it ALL Together

    • Moving From Stage 3 to Stage 4

    • Pulling it ALL Together

  • 10

    Weekly Relationship Group Discussion Replays

    • Group Discussion Replays