Clarify and Define Your WHY, WHAT, WHO, and HOW

Begin by clarifying your WHY and WHAT-your FOCUS. What lights up your face when you talk? Are there natural strengthens that you should consider leveraging? Everyone has expertise, but are you doing what you love? 

With an understanding of your WHY and WHAT, the discussion moves to defining your WHO-your IDEAL CLIENT.  What does your ideal client look like? Are they interested in your WHY and WHAT and open to paying you for your services?  Can you find and connect with your ideal client?  

But before you do anything else, you need to validate! Determine if people are interested in your WHY, WHAT, and WHO.  As  you connect, you listen closely and ask questions as to how you can help them.  

Your WHY, WHAT, and WHO are CORE to just about every decision you make as you build your consulting business. 

What's Included...

  • Start by defining the one thing for which you want to be known and follow it by identifying and finding your Ideal Client. But don't stop there. Validate your ideal client is interested in what you have to offer. Each module is designed so that a person can easily revisit the material and find relevant information.

  • Over 25 videos walk you through the determining your focus, defining and finding your ideal client, and validating that your focus and ideal client are interested in what you have to offer.

  • Workbooks with exercises plus over 30 templates and checklists, real life examples, and supporting documents aimed at helping you accelerate your progress.

  • Life-time access to the course material provided enabling you to periodically refresh your knowledge and skills.

What People Have Said...

“I found the tools and Laura’s approach invaluable in helping me to understand my targeted client, the service offerings I can provide, and the messaging to use. Without this course, I would have struggled and made many mistakes. The course provided the confidence to pursue my client in a clear and laser-focused way!”


“I’ve tried to establish my own consulting practice, but struggled. After taking Laura’s course and actively participating in the group discussions, I realize my services were too broad and my message needed to be further refined so that it was more than good-it was great.”


“This course was excellent to help me gain focus and clarity. Laura has a passion for helping business owners be successful. She shares her passion by guiding participants on action steps and thought processes enabling them to identify their specific niche and ideal clients.”

Charlotte, Transformation Keys LLC

“This course helped me zero in on what I now believe are my biggest obstacles to success. I have no doubt that it will accelerate your ramp up.”


Your CORE!

Focus - Ideal Client - Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    This is a tough question to respond to because so much depends on you. It takes time to listen to the videos and then walk through the exercises in the workbooks and complete the templates. The activity that takes the longest is the validation effort. I've seen consultants complete this activity within 2 weeks and others take more than 2 months. The material is designed so that you can work at your own pace and revisit material as necessary.

  • What is the difference between the modules in the Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint Blueprint program and CORE self-study modules?

    There are several differences starting with the creation of an individualized plan. People who take the JUMPSTART Blueprint program work with me to create a plan to help them navigate through the program. The self-study is just that-self-study. The second major difference is the JUMPSTART Blueprint program includes much more in that a consultant can ask questions and obtain feedback plus there is a Community Group as an added place to ask for help. The third major difference is the self-study is a no frills version in that there are no extras such as workshops.

  • I signed up for the self study course but have decided that I would like to be part of the JUMPSTART Blueprint program. Is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. I provide a credit to you for the bundle so that you only need to pay the difference. Contact me directly at

  • I feel I need more support than the course provides. Is it possible to obtain one-on-one assistance?

    Yes. One-on-one assistance is available. Contact me directly at so that we can discuss your needs and determine next steps.